Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tunesday: Nick Jonas "Levels"

For the first time in Leslie Taylor's Manic Neon Wasteland history, this Tunesday does not come with an accompanying music video. Why? Because I hate the music video for this song. Usually the blatant sexual exploitation of the female back up dancers doesn't bother me (too used to it) but this one really has no grounds. I don't know.

Regardless, keeping with the trend started last week with Fleur's "Sax", here is another catchy-as-hell pop song. I first heard this song while using the washroom of a restaurant when I was out for lunch with a friend. Although I was finished my business, I stayed in the stall until the song was over because I was enjoying it so much. I tried to commit the lyrics to memory so that I could find out what song it was, but my memory left all helpful information behind in the stall. Despite my seniors moment, I was able to hunt down the song and have been enjoying it ever since. Now, it is your turn.

A little bonus: I was never a Jonas Brother's fan, and I would not call myself a Nick Jonas fan today (I really don't like "Jealous")... but, if you like a good laugh as much as I do, watch this clip from their reality TV show "Married to Jonas" entitled "Kevin Feels the Pressure" and enjoy the complete lack of chemistry between the two of them, the awkwardness radiating off of both Danielle and Kevin, the stiff delivery of "Oh, you're talking to me!" that makes me wonder if Danielle has ever been around a dog before that was filmed...  If you ever find your confidence in your romantic relationship lagging, watch this clip, and suddenly even the most bland couple looks like a riske, whirlwind rom-com compared to Kevin and Danielle.

(A.N. This clip is the only clip from Married to Jonas I've watched. I have no idea what their relationship is actually like. All statements are made off of this one clip. Please do not kill me.)

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