Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tunesday: Gotye "Seven Hours With a Backseat Driver"

I had the pleasure of getting free tickets to see Gotye when he played Ontario Place in 2012. I, like everyone else in the audience, only knew "Somebody I used to Know." And while the majority of the people left after he played his radio hit (which I found incredibly rude - it was an outdoor summer concert, he can see you in the audience, guys), I was completely won over by the amazing animations that accompanied his music. They've all been uploaded to his youtube channel - I highly recommend taking a look.

"Seven Hours with a Backseat Driver" is my favourite of his music videos. Don't ask me why. I couldn't even begin to fathom why I love it so much. Is it the bright colours? The warped vintage aesthetic? The fact that this video terrifies my friend so much (who was also at the concert, which is really the only way you'd know about it) that she is afraid to open any of the links I send her because I've try to prank her so many times with it? (I'm never going to stop).

Here's a double shot of Gotye, following the twisted vintage animation theme: "State of the Art"

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