Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Tunesday: History Repeating by Propellerheads ft. Miss Shirley Bassey

Without knowing it, I've loved Shirley Bassey for years. Her powerful voice, her over-the-top dramatic delivery... it's everything I've wanted to be but not been able to express!

If you don't know who Shirley Bassey is, start singing the song "Goldfinger" in your head... yup, that's her.

So throw on a sequined gown and a plump feather boa, elbow-length gloves if you've got 'em, and allow Dame Shirley to envelop you in a fantasy of luxury, stardom, and vocal power, darling. Or, if you prefer, add a glint to your eye and become the sophisticated, criminal mastermind you've always dreamed of being... or globetrotting super spy.... if only for a moment.

If you want the glamorous party to continue, I highly recommend some of her other hits:

As a little bonus, here's my favourite television nerdy brothers, Niles and Fraser Crane being coerced into singing Goldfinger in an empty bar.

What do you think? Was this week's Tunesday a hit or a miss?
Would you rather be a James Bond or a high ranking, sleek criminal mastermind? If you were James Bond, where would your movie take place?

(If you want the villain/bond theme music to continue, check out my other post about Miike Snow's Genghis Khan music video. Not only does it contain diabolical scheming, it comes with a sweet twist and some pretty amazing dance moves)

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