Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tunesday: Epic Rap Battles of History - Pablo Picaso Vs. Bob Ross

This rap battle makes my (not-so inner) art history nerd giggle with delight. I can't get enough! Not only are the lyrics peppered with art history shout outs, the editing is out of this world! All done on green screen, holy crap!

I'm gonna keep the battle going and also post my second favourite rap battle: Gordon Ramsey vs Julia Child. This is the battle that got me back on the Epic Rap Battles of History band wagon. Not only that, it features a fantastic performance from one of my favourite youtubers (and future friend one day? Hey girl, hey!) Mamrie Hart of "You Deserve A Drink" as Julia Child. If you're looking for some sharp wit, terrible puns and a but of cross eyed, booze filled humour, definitely check her out!

Who won? Pablo or Ross? Ramsey or Child? YOU DECIDE?

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