Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tunesday: Wonka Bar - Charlie Marley

Delivering up your weekly earworm, this Tunesday!

Holy crap is this song catchy! Oh man! When this came through my spotify Discover playlist, I hit repeat all week long. Don't even ask me what other songs were on that playlist, I just don't know. This was the song I lived for all week long.

And I rob banks on the weekend
Sirens my symphonyMusic to my bass line

Trouble, come follow me

Singin' click, click-a-bang, click-click-a-bang-whoa
Click-click-a-bang, whoa-oh-oh

If you have any songs you'd think I'd like, please post them in the comments below. I love to get song recommendations!

What do you think of this week's song? Earwormy Goodness or Miss?

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